Glass and set table

Glass and set table

Do you have questions about coatings?

Glass and set table

All products used in the food processing industry or in households are subject to different legal requirements.

At the same time, these applications are highly diverse.

It is not necessary for a coated glass to withstand temperatures of over 260°C in normal use, but a coating applied to glass must be food-safe and, according to the manufacturer, be able to run many cycles in a standard dishwasher without the coating peeling off. The coating applied should also have been processed according to GMP (good manufacturing practice), so that one can be sure that the product has an inert surface after it has been completely sintered.

It makes perfect sense to have a professional to assist you with this – and since every application is different, you can rely on our references.

We run 95% of our customers’ glassware on our automated coating line in order to achieve a uniform coating result and to be able to guarantee short delivery times even for large quantities.

Only for geometries that cannot be coated on the line, we coat manually.

You would like to provide a bottle with a tamponade print – perhaps your name? No problem – we can also do this for you.

With the enormous spectrum of corresponding lacquers and decorative materials, we are the number one contact in Europe for you.