Do you have questions regarding coatings?


Regardless of the size, geometry or number of your sheets, we will find exactly the right coating for your application.

Our many years of experience in this field help us to make a preliminary selection, which we then discuss with you.

We coat

  • single layers – up to multicoat systems – with our continuous coating systems, robots or also manually
  • with a large variaty of coatings available on the market – or we develop coatings for your application together with our partners.
  • Flat trays, baguette waves, hamburger trays, croissant trays, milk roll trays, trays for applications in the area of (salted) pretzel pastries. High in sugar, oil, fibre, grain. From oven to chiller? No problem – we have the right systems for your application.
  • Front- and backside in one automated coating step to create a closed surface

We have found that our expertise in coating for the food processing industry should also include the know-why in addition to the know-how.

For this reason, we also regularly deal with the legal requirements within this area – within and beyond the European borders – exactly as you need it.

For a quick response to any enquiries, we have a staff member for customer care and sales who is always happy to assist you – no matter where you are.

What would you like to process?

  • Extruder
  • Feeder
  • Cone round extruders
  • Chutes
  • Vibratory chutes
  • Funnels
  • Screw conveyors
  • Feeding processes
  • Scales
  • Tank systems
  • Heating plates

Which surface do you need?

  • Non-stick properties
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to chemical products and products for cleaning
  • Germ suppression
  • Anti-slip properties
  • High temperature resistance

….and much more

We are able to realise all this for you.

If your desired property is not yet available, we can gladly add it to our portfolio.

Products used in the industrial production of food are exposed to constant stress. Temperature fluctuations, from freezing to extremely hot, often with an intermediate step in a fermentation room – all these are requirements make high demands on the sheets and moulds within thermal impacts alone.

In addition, there is the food to be produced with its ingredients, the de-panning (lifting the products out of the moulds and off the trays) and the cleaning of the trays after the respective cycles – these are the chemical and mechanical influences that must be taken into account when selecting the coating – and last but not least, the necessary approvals of the coatings for use in the food processing industry.

The specifications are manifold if you want to process safe products for the market. We know these specifications and follow them – from GMP to HACCP.

Our customers are market leaders in their fields and can expect from us that their goods are handled perfectly.

As our CEO always says: “we treat our customers’ goods as if they were our own” and that actually says everything about our appreciation of your added value.

Technoflon – we are pure coaters.