Thermal pre-cleaning

Thermal pre-cleaning

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Thermal pre-cleaning

Since an important benefit of coating is the possibility of recoating, we first check incoming parts. Many damages caused by the use of the parts (such as holes or removal of aluminium layers) can only be detected after the thermal and mechanical pre-treatment, as in the usual case only at this point the product is cleaned in such a way that this becomes obvious.

Thermal pre-treatment makes it possible to sublime grease and oil residues, incinerate adhering impurities and crack older coatings that have already been applied.

The next process step after thermal pre-cleaning is in most cases cleaning and activation of the surface. Not every material can be blasted or chemically wet activated – there are also substrates that need to be physically cleaned and activated – this is also possible at Technoflon Coating Systems B.V..

If necessary, we also combine the technical possibilities of pre-treatment for you to achieve the optimal result – because we already mentioned:

A good beginning is half the journey.