Manual coating

Manual coating

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Manually applying the systems

The fine art of the coating process

An evenly applied coating is already a good start.

Uniform coating thicknesses support the longevity of the surface finish – because that is what coating is all about. We give your product desirable properties that it would not have (or would have too few) without coating.

With manual coating, after pre-treatment, your product is placed in the hands of our highly professional coaters, who apply the coating according to the specifications in the respective data sheets. Often our coaters even see your product several times, as it requires a drying step or other processing steps are necessary.

Manual coating often involves coating products whose geometry or size do not allow them to be coated in line or by our robot. Physical effects – such as the Faraday effect – can thus be better controlled.

Also, when we apply coating systems that require special application techniques or are applied extremely thickly (or thinly) – or, of course, for single pieces, we move away from line coating and do it manually.

Our CEO always says that it is very close to his heart that we treat your workpiece as if it were our own – and we do. Day after day.