Line coating

Line coating

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Line coating

In our factory in Doetinchem we have both fully and semi-automatic lines.

Both solutions provide different advantages in the coating process.

Depending on size, geometry, required coating and volume, the lines are then selected and modified if necessary.

Just like our colleagues, our lines are also quite flexible.

Our fully automated lines require an operator who continuously ensures the trouble-free functioning of the line and is able to prevent undesired results in the coating process.

Other colleagues are deployed for the control before feeding into the line as well as for the post-control.

For very high volumes, they also assist with the acceptance of the coated products and their final packaging.

For very large substrates, we have a combination system with which we can apply and thermally treat different coatings on one web. For example, these coatings can be a mix of dispersion and powder.

We run semi-automatic systems that require a 100% inspection as an intermediate step.

Here too, however, the geometry is decisive.