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About us

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History Technoflon

The origins of Technoflon start in 1993 as Intermeco B.V. in the enamelling department run by Henri Nijenhuis invests in an installation to provide pans with a non-stick coating. In the year 2000, Wally de Jong and Henri Nijenhuis decided to transfer these activities to a new company: Technoflon Coating Systems B.V.

Based on the excellent references Henri Nijenhuis had acquired in the field of ceramic coatings for cookware, the demand in the market for other substrates coated with PTFE increased significantly. Therefore the descisions was made to found Technoflon Coating Systems BV.

With the success of this project more enquiries came from the market which allowed Technoflon to grow and soon the processing area at our first headquarter became too small. Therefore in 2011 it was decided to move to Doetinchem into the Edisonstraat, close to the German border.

Over the past decades we have continued to develop, acquire and adapt systems and lines to meet the high demands on quality.

We now have three segments running side by side in Doetinchem:

  • Food (pots, pans and bakeware (consumer forms as well as industrial forms), industrial trays and moulds for the food processing industry, knives, plant parts, feed and discharge parts, feeders and much more).
  • Non-food (automotive parts, industrial machine parts – including heavy metal, stirrers, tanks, pipelines, railings and fences, rubber parts, mass-produced parts for the electrical industry or tools that place extremely high demands on the surface, very hot, very cold, undercuts or difficult geometries)
  • Decorative (fences, rims, cups and glasses, rubber parts or screws, bowls and decorative pots, door handles, chair backs and much more).

Because of our various advanced processes we are able to apply a large variaty of coatings available on the market. Next to the necessary technology we also have our professional colleagues who do an excellent job. Both manually as in automated lines.

That’s where you recognise the pure coaters – we love what we do.

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