Thermal Cleaning

Thermal cleaning and de-coating in the cleaning oven

For thorough cleaning or stripping your metal products. For example, for reuse or as pre-treatment for coating. To this end, Technoflon uses a sealed, low oxygen cleaning oven for thermal cleaning or de-coating. Your products will be thoroughly cleaned under extremely high, controlled temperatures. During this process, dirt and paint deposits will be removed 100% in an environmentally-friendly manner. The dimensions of the oven are 6.5 x 2 x 2 metres.

De-coating for Reuse

A second life for your metal products starts with thorough cleaning. This is true for baking tins, cooking equipment and all products will last again for years with a new coating.

We remove dirt and paint and prepare your product optimally for recoating with, for example, a non-stick coating or powder coating through thermal cleaning in the cleaning oven.

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Thermal Cleaning

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