Non-stick/Powder Coating

Non-stick/Powder Coating with the ideal properties

Based on the product properties you require, we advise you on the ideal composition of the coating. We are the specialist in non-stick and in powder coating the most wide-ranging synthetic and metal objects and products. From simple one-layered through to advanced multi-layered non-stick coating. From a few products up to series of hundreds of thousands of products.

Which requirements do you require of the coating?

Technoflon has almost twenty years' experience in the development, testing and application of coatings resulting in the acquisition of indispensable knowledge to perfectly tune the composition and production process of the coating to your needs.

We will develop the coating with the properties you require:

• Non-stick
• Low friction
• Heat-resistant
• Withstanding low temperatures
• Heat-insulating/conducting
• Chemical-resistant
• Electricity-conducting
• Corrosion-proof

Which requirements do you require of the coating? We would love to provide you with advice!
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Non-stick/Powder Coating

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