How does Technoflon work?

Optimum coating in 5 steps

At Technoflon, everything is focused on the result: the perfect coating for your product and application. Every detail has to be right to achieve this; from coating advice to final inspection.

1. Coating Advice

You are looking for a good coating for your product; we ask which requirements it needs to meet. We will translate these requirements into the right composition of the coating and the coating process in close deliberation with you. Our extensive experience in coating metal and synthetic products for a wide range of industries is decisive in this. Of course, we will provide a clear quotation when giving advice.

2. Testing

We will first create a test series, especially for new products. Because you want to be sure that our coating meets your requirements, we will submit this test series to various inspections. If necessary, we will adjust the coating's composition as well as the process.

3. Entry Inspection

Thanks to our unique entry inspection, we can discover and repair, for example, irregularities before the products enter the low oxygen cleaning oven for thermal cleaning. This is important because only this will allow us to guarantee a problem-free coating later on in the process.

4. Production

At Technoflon, the entire process of cleaning, blasting and coating stays under one roof. Thus, we can tune each phase to each other seamlessly. A high degree of automation goes hand in hand with various interim and final inspections by our experts, thus guaranteeing high reliability and quality.

5. Final Inspection

After a thorough final inspection, we will package the coated end product firmly and free of movement so the products cannot be damaged even during transport.

How does Technoflon work?

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