• Already 12½ years leader in coating

    Technoflon celebrates its 12½ anniversary! In 2001 the company Technoflon Coating Systems officially established, but actually our roots go further back.

    The current Technoflon began in 1993 as a department within Intermeco, where many pans were enamelled. Our present manager Henri Nijenhuis was at that time chief of the enamel section. The basis for Technoflon as it is known today, was laid when Intermeco, at the request of a large customer, invested in a very advanced installation to process non-stick/low-friction coatings.

    It is significant for our company that we still have different people employed from this starting period onwards! We celebrate not only the 12½ anniversary of our company, but also of four loyal employees. Without their motivation and commitment the growth of Technoflon would not have been there.

    The four jubilees

    Of course we have not let go unnoticed this festive event! On October 5, we celebrated this anniversary with our staff, the jubilees and their families, in a beautiful location in Hilversum.

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Already 12½ years leader in coating

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