The specialist for non-stick/powder coating with unique properties

Providing the coating with ideal properties; that’s Technoflon's speciality. From development, low oxygen cleaning oven, blasting up to and including powder coating, non-stick treatment and post-processing.

Are you looking for the perfect coating? Technoflon develops a high-quality coating with exactly the right properties for your application, such as non-stick, low friction, chemical-resistant, conductive, insulating or corrosion-proof. Moreover, we provide thermal cleaning, blasting and coating of your products according to extremely high quality standards.

We have been doing so for almost twenty years for products for the food industry, chemical industry and other industries in which cleaning and coating needs to be done meticulously. That is why Technoflon is an expert in applying non-stick coatings for, for example, frying pans. However, we also decoat and apply non-stick on baking tins for reuse in the bakery industry.

We will not only do what you ask us to do, we will exceed your expectations.

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