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Wherever the coating matters

If the coating needs to make the difference, Technoflon will create it. We do so, for example, for suppliers in the food industry and restaurant and catering industry. For instance, we provide re-tefloning of baking tins and baking trays. We work for manufacturers of non-stick pans and baking and frying pans for the consumer market.

In the synthetics industry, we provide the non-stick coating of the casting moulds. By order of pump manufacturers, we provide the moving parts in hydraulic pumps with an ideal low-friction coating. Moreover, for machine manufacturers, we provide the low-friction, non-stick coating of parts such as rollers, sealing heads and profiles in laminating machines.

In short, Technoflon's coatings can be found in every industry in which coating matters.

Manufacturers for the Food Industry and the Consumer

• Baking and frying pans and cooking pots
• Hot plates
• Baking tins and baking trays
• Sealing heads
• Profiles

Machine Plants

• Rollers
• Base and Plungers

Synthetics industry

• Casting moulds

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For whom?

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